Module 37: Integrating Gender into Research and Development Projects


This session highlights important considerations for integrating gender into each stage of the project cycle, including strategy development and prioritization, project design, monitoring, and evaluation. An introductory presentation focuses on key issues, such as conducting a situation/gender analysis to inform strategy and project design and selecting indicators for monitoring and evaluation. Following the introductory presentation, two case studies are presented that describe how gender was integrated into two different value chain projects—one research and one development intervention. Presenters reflect on what worked and what might have been done better.

This module contains a video recording of the training session and PDF slides. In this training session, English-to-French interpretation is available. Once you access the recording, you can click the "Interpretation" icon (right next to "Speed") in the meeting controls and select the language (English or French) you would like to hear. You can also view a transcript by selecting "CC transcript". Please access the training video on your computer. The training took place on July 27, 2023. 


Ruth Meinzen-Dick (IFPRI), Elizabeth Bryan, (IFPRI), Lilian Kirimi (Tegemeo Institute), Veronique Theriault (MSU), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU), Yeyoung Lee (MSU)

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