Module 39: Roadmap to Success for Research leading to Journal Publications


This training module contains a video recording of the training session and PDF slides. The training took place on October 5, 2023.

This training is aimed at early career researchers and their mentors. The purpose is to put publishing your research in quality journals within reach. Many early career researchers struggle with trying to write the perfect paper in perfect English. The task can seem overwhelmingly complex and early career researchers often become discouraged in the process. Instead, we recommend focusing on the underlying structure of your paper, having a clear focus on the research questions, and ensuring coherence among different sections. It stresses simplicity in structure even if the content of the paper is complex. Once this structure is in place then writing the paper becomes much easier and rewarding! The presentation builds on a training session organized by the STAAARS+ program implemented by PRCI partner Cornell University.


Duncan Boughton (MSU and Kasetsart University), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU), Veronique Theriault (MSU), Yeyoung Lee (MSU)

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