Module 04: Research Transparency


This session consists of two short presentations in plenary with a brief Q&A between them. It is followed by small group discussions in breakout rooms, by institution. During the breakout room discussions, team members share their thoughts in a communal document, allowing participants to reflect on ideas as a group when they return to plenary. View the webinar at this link.


  • Understand how the scientific method should guide your research process on every level
  • Understand the difference between exploratory and confirmatory research
  • Identify and recognize common research failures
  • Understand what transparent and reproducible research processes look like in practice
  • Reflect on and identify personal and institutional barriers to implementing transparent and reproducible research processes
  • Access practical tools to implement transparent and reproducible research processes


Liz Bageant (Cornell), Saweda Liverpool-Tasie (MSU), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU)

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