Module 43: Climate Smart Agriculture Innovation: Towards an Evidence-Based Strategy and Learning Approach


This training module contains a video recording of the training session and PDF slides. The training took place on February 13, 2024.

The objective of this session is to promote mutual learning by using experience gained to date through collaboration between Kasetsart University (PRCI’s regional partner in Southeast Asia) and MSU on climate smart agricultural innovation (CSAI) in Thailand. Professor Duncan Boughton provides an overview of CSAI opportunities and challenges together with validation and scaling approaches to CSAI. Associate Professor Witsanu Attavanich presents Thailand’s new Climate Change Action Plan for Agriculture with a focus on stakeholder engagement and linkages to policy as part of Thailand’s Nationally Determined Contribution. This training is aimed to identify and inform discussion of CSAI challenges across PRCI partners with a view to developing shared research and learning agendas to pursue in an anticipated future phase of collaboration. 

The session is being organized jointly with Kasetsart University's Center for Advanced Studies for Agriculture and Food, Department of Economics, and Center for Applied Economics Research.


Duncan Boughton (MSU and Kasetsart University), Witsanu Attavanich (Kasetsart University), Nicole Mason-Wardell (MSU), Veronique Theriault (MSU), Yeyoung Lee (MSU)


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