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STAAARS+ Training


The STAAARS+ Training Program is built on the idea that investing in individuals’ and small teams’ research capacity in a way that aligns with institution-level policy research and capacity building priorities will increase the effectiveness of institutional capacity development efforts under PRCI. The program begins by matching small teams of 2-3 early-career researchers at partner institutions in Africa and Asia with one Cornell, MSU, or IFPRI faculty/staff mentor each around research topics that align with national, regional and/or global research priorities as identified through participatory and consultative priority-setting among PRCI partner institutions. Fellow team-mentor pairs collaborate to complete a research project of mutual interest, culminating in at least one jointly authored, policy relevant, peer reviewed research paper, related policy communication materials, and participation in at least one policy outreach event. The team and mentor work together at both the partner institution and the mentor institution, building their collaboration and rapport, as well as reinforcing an effective, rigorous policy research culture within the team that can help build and sustain research capacity at the partner institution beyond the life of the specific STAAARS+ project.

To learn more about the STAAARS+ Program and the 2020 STAAARS+ Fellows visit this link.

To see past projects by STAAARS+ Fellows visit this link.


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