Module 05: Value Chain Analysis – How and Why to Address Gender


This is the third part in a workshop series about value chain analysis. Part three reviews how and why gender analysis should be incorporated into value chain studies. The training was conducted on May 10th, 2022. The module contains a link to the video recording of the training, along with PDFs of all the slides presented. This series was co-organized by Kasetsart University, Thailand.


-Why is it important to address gender in value chain studies

-Learn what resources, techniques, and tools are used to include gender in value chain, market inclusion, and entrepreneurship studies

-Understand how the pro-WEAI can be used on market inclusion

-See examples of gender analysis in value chain studies


Elizabeth Bryan (IFPRI), Ruth Meinzen-Dick (IFPRI), Kate Ambler (IFPRI), Agnes R. Quisumbing (IFPRI),  Zena Mpenda (Sokoine University of Agriculture), Pasakorn Thammachote (KU)

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