Module 06: Influencing Policy in Gender Research: Panel Discussion on Influential Policy Research


This training on July 27, 2022 was designed to provide PRCI researchers with insights on how to influence policymakers in research, with a focus on gender. Speakers presented results of a PRCI study on policymaker communication preferences, and a panel discussed experiences in research to policy influence with the case of promoting nutrition- and gender-sensitive agriculture through Agriculture, Nutrition, and Gender Linkages (ANGeL) in Bangladesh.


  • Understand how to communicate your research in an influential manner
  • Learn which sources policymakers turn to for information
  • Discuss ways to increase policymakers awareness of gender issues


Kristin Davis (IFPRI), Elizabeth Bryan (IFPRI), Ruth Meinzen-Dick (IFPRI), Mywish Maredia (MSU), Akhter Ahmed (IFPRI), Drew Sample (IFPRI), Masuma Younus (Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh)


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