PSM Information Technology

Generic Requests for PSM Information Technology Support can be sent to the following email:     

Please include information regarding your specific question or concern.   

  • Problem with a computer: PSM asset tag and service tag number, any specific errors you are getting and symptoms.
  • Problem with a classroom or conference room technology: Please provide details:  room number,  and specific equipment for which you need support: eg. microphone, monitor, camera, projector, mouse, keyboard or WIFI  along with specific errors or symptoms. 
  • Software related problems: Please provide the program name, version, if known, errors and any helpful background information.
  • Requesting a service: Please include the first and last name(s) along with the email(s) of the individual(s) requiring the service.
  • Network device problems: Such as a printer or scanner, please include the location of the resource, building/room, the error and any history that may help us resolve the issue. 

Providing more information helps in our preparation and in the swift resolution of your request.   

For more information about classrooms please refer to the classroom technology page.  

For do it yourself help regarding specific software, solutions, policy or procedures please consult our frequently asked questions section.

New IT procurement procedure, what is included and how PSM will handle this process can be referenced using this site