Keys, Access, Space, and Drivers Certification Forms 

Please use the links below to request Keys, Building and Autoclave Room Access, and PSSB Space. The forms must be submitted by the PI or lab manager.

For MPS access, please contact Bob Bryan at bryanro@msu.edu or 517-303-0054.

You will also find the MSU Drivers Certification form below. Email your completed form to psm.facilities@msu.edu. If you are licensed in a state other than Michigan, please submit your 36 month driving record from your issuing state with your completed drivers certification form.

Questions? Email psm.facilities@msu.edu.

Keys: CIPS, PBL, and PSSB

Key Authorization Form (To be filled in by PI / Supervisor)

Building Access: Center for Integrated Plant Systems (CIPS), Plant Biology Laboratories (PBL), & Plant and Soil Sciences Building (PSSB) 

Building Access Form (To be filled in by PI / Supervisor)  

Autoclave Room Access: PSSB

Autoclave Access Form (To be filled in by PI / Supervisor) 

Plant and Soil Sciences Building (PSSB) Office Space Request Form

Office Space Request Form

PSM Drivers Certification Form

Drivers Certification Form