Opportunities at the QFC

We periodically look for quantitative fisheries professionals and students to add to our team. When we do have openings, we nearly always advertise on AFS, IAGLR, and Texas A&M job boards. 

Graduate Research Assistantships/Post Doctoral Research Associate Positions

We regularly seek top students interested in pursuing M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in quantitative fisheries science, as well as Ph.D. recipients looking to broaden their experience through Post-Doctoral Research Associate positions. Click the above heading to see what positions are presently available at the QFC.

Ricker Fellowship

The William E. Ricker Distinguished Fellowship in Quantitative Fisheries Science is funded though the MSU Graduate School. Dr. William E. Ricker was a prominent fisheries scientist and a pioneer in the development and application of quantitative methods in fisheries science and management.

Visiting Opportunities

The Quantitative Fisheries Center has initiated two programs designed to encourage collaboration between the QFC and other fisheries professionals:

Secondment Program

Visiting Scientist Program