Recipe: Baja Black Bean Salad

This black bean salad recipe is scaled up for food service.

Red and white cranberry beans

Number of Servings: 2880


  • 100 pounds Michigan dry black beans
  • 65 gallons water
  • 4 cups oil
  • 2 gallons lime juice
  • 10 pounds peeled and diced red onion
  • 10-pound seeded and diced peppers
  • 0.700 pounds chili powder
  • 0.560 pounds cumin
  • 12 cans canned salsa


Sort through the dry beans. In kettle, turn control to Heat/ Bypass. Add water and oil. Add dry beans and cover. Cook for 60 to 90 minutes. If water boils over, turn control to Auto/Active, and wait for water to go back down. Turn control to Heat/Bypass. Repeat.

Once beans are tender, turn control to Cool/Bypass. Lift anchor, attach strainer, tilt kettle, and drain water. Run cold water on beans until cooled, approximately 15 minutes.

Detach strainer, tip kettle up, place anchor in kettle, and add rest of ingredients. Lift anchor, tilt kettle and hand bag the salad in 6-quart bags to store and serve as needed.

Yield: 30 6-quart bags per batch, 96 servings per 6-quart bag

Recipe provided courtesy of Amy Klinkoski, Nutrition Services Supervisor, Grand Rapids Public Schools Schools.