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4-H Virtual Auction Add-Ons

June 23, 2020 -

An add-on is a sum of money donated by an individual, business, agency or organization to the youth seller. The donor is not interested in buying the youth’s livestock or still project, however they do wish to donate a sum of money to the youth to acknowledge their hard work and efforts put forth in their project. Donors may also choose to ‘add-on’ to a youth seller’s project if they feel the final bid was lower than it should have been.


How do add-on donations work in the system?

  • The donor looks up the youth seller in the auction line-up by doing a search using the last name of the youth. Once the youth’s photo and information page appears on the screen, the donor will see the “Add-on” tab in the lower right-hand section of the page. Donors can click on this tab and follow the self-directed information to make a desired donation to the youth.
  • Help documentation and videos are being created for buyers and donors to understand how to use the add-on feature.

How does an add-on donation reach the youth seller? 

  • The add-on amount is captured by the system and added into the total amount due to the youth seller. An add-on donation can be listed separately on the check stub so the youth seller knows the name of the buyer for their animal and any add-on donors.

Can the add-on option be disabled?

  • This feature cannot be disabled in the sale, however bidders are not required to use it.

How long can add-on options be open in the system after the auction closes?

  • Currently this feature cannot remain open beyond the time of the sale. However you can contact your local MSU Extension office and they can assist you with adding on after the close of the sale, so long as the checks have not been made to the youth.

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