4-H Science Blast Activities

December 1, 2015

Based on the popular 4-H Science Blast in the Class model, 4-H Science Blast activities are intended for use in more general settings, such as 4-H club meetings and other youth development focused events. The ready-to-use lesson plans are designed to help leaders teach youth participants important science concepts and include complete instructions for two experiments.

The Dirt on Clean Water


The Dirt on Clean Water lesson plan is designed to assist leaders in teaching participants to understand that soil acts as a filter to keep pollutants out of our water supply. Participants divide into small groups to create filters to demonstrate and observe various soils as they act as water filters.

  • Age Level: Ages 5 to 15 (Activities may be altered to fit a wide age span.)
  • Life Skills: Critical thinking, problem solving, wise use of resources, responsible citizenship
  • Author: Dixie Sandborn

Healthy as a Horse ‒ Investigating Impaction Colic

''The Healthy as a Horse: Investigating Impaction Colic lesson plan is designed to teach participants about impaction colic and the horse management principles used to prevent it. The lesson can be taught with or without an accompanying video. In both lesson methods, participants evaluate a pasture and develop a list of things that may decrease or increase the risk of impaction colic. 

  • Age Level: Ages 13 to 18
  • Life Skills: Critical thinking, problem solving
  • Author: Karen Waite

Scoring Your Horse

''The Scoring Your Horse lesson plan is designed to assist leaders in teaching students about the different body condition scores of horses. Participants will take part in a hands-on activity to help them understand which characteristics of an animal’s body contribute to this score. Understanding a horse’s body condition score can assist in making nutrition and management decisions.

  • Age Level: Ages 13 to 15
  • Life Skills: Communication, critical thinking and teamwork
  • Authors: Juliana Forbush, Taylor Fabus

Sensory Awareness

''Sensory Awareness is a lesson designed to help leaders show youth how to develop a more acute use of their senses. Participants will work as a group and individually to identify objects and smells using more than just one of their senses.
  • Age Level: Ages 5 to 9
  • Life Skills: Critical thinking, problem solving, learning to learn
  • Author: Nick Baumgart

Track Traps & Habitats

CoverofScienceBlastThe Track Traps and Habitats lesson plan is designed to help leaders show youth how to make and place “track traps” to capture some animal tracks for identification. Youth return in one to two days to the trapping area to check for the presence of animals by looking for tracks and other signs such as markings left by wings or tails. Participants take note of their findings and a discussion of animal adaptations and habitats follows.

  • Age Level: Ages 8 to 12
  • Life Skills: Problem solving, critical thinking, learning to learn
  • Author: Nick Baumgart

Where Is All The Water?

''The Where is All the Water? lesson is designed for leaders to help participants understand where water comes from and its unique qualities as well as how to conserve water efficiently. Participants will work in groups to simulate the distribution of water on a global scale and then log their own personal water use. 
  • Age Level: Ages 10 to 14
  • Life Skills: Problem solving, critical thinking, wise use of resources, responsible citizenship
  • Author: Nick Baumgart

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