4-H Sportsmanship Activity: Sportsmanship Role Play


March 29, 2017 - Author:


All ages


Demonstrating good sportsmanship


  • Compare good and bad sportsmanship
  • Recognize the behaviors associated with good and bad sportsmanship
  • Describe the importance of good sportsmanship
Time required:

15-60 minutes

Materials required:
  • Scissors
  • Role Play Scenarios handout (available in PDF file)

Before the youth arrive, the leader can use scissors to cut apart the Role Play Scenarios handout on the dotted lines.

Leader should choose one (or more) scenarios from the Role Play Scenarios handout. Each scenario will require at least two youth to role play (one side will model good sportsmanship while the other will model poor sportsmanship). After giving each youth their portion of the scenario, they should be allowed approximately five minutes to prepare for the role play. Reflection questions should follow each role play.

Reflection Questions:
  • Did you feel comfortable in your position in the role-play scenario?
  • How do you think you would have acted naturally if you encountered that scenario?
  • Does this activity make you think differently about how you model good sportsmanship?
  • How can you apply good sportsmanship in your everyday life?
  • What situations make it difficult to apply good sportsmanship?


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