4-H Virtual Farm

March 27, 2015

The Virginia Cooperative Extension 4-H Virtual Farm explores farming and the lives of the farmers who produce our food. Visitors can meet some of the people who earn their living from the land. You'll take a virtual tour of where food producers live and work, learn how your favorite foods get from the farm to your plate or lunch box, and even have a chance to win virtual ribbons!

The United States continues to become a more urbanized society, and most young people know little about farming or how food products are produced and processed. With only 2 percent of our population participating in agricultural production, the average American is five generations away from "firsthand" experience with farming (Smith, 1998).

The objective of the 4-H Virtual Farm is to provide young people with an opportunity to learn basic agricultural concepts. The 4-H Virtual Farm is focused on Virginia agriculture, but the concepts and information presented can be applied to food production in many other regions of the country. 

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