Bulletin E2839)
A Pocket Guide for IPM Scouting of Woody Landscape Plants


November 11, 2015 - <rytlews1@msu.edu>-Rytlewski


This pocket IPM scouting guide for woody landscape plants was designed for field use. It contains information to help identify and manage common insects, mites and their injury, diseases, abiotic plant health problems, damage caused by animals, and common beneficial insects. It contains phenological indicator plants to use for monitoring pest insect stages. It is not intended to be all inclusive; there are many more pests than this guide can cover within its limited number of pages. References for more detailed information are listed within the guide. In addition to those, several comprehensive guides are listed below. Specific pesticides are not listed in this guide. Recommendations change frequently as new products become available and older ones are taken off the market. We suggest you contact your local Extension agent for current recommendations or use recommendations in the Extension Bulletin E-2782 Pest Management Guide for Production and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs, available from the MSU Bulletin Office, 117 Central Services, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1039. Bulletins may also be ordered on the web at: http://web2.msue.msu.edu/bulletins/mainsearch.cfm




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