Acta Geographica Sinica - 人类世可持续发展背景下的远程耦合框架及其应用


November 25, 2020 - SUN Jing, LIU Jianguo, YANG Xinjun, ZHAO Fuqiang, QIN Yuchu, YAO Yingying, WANG Fang, LUN Fei, WANG Jiejing, QIN Bo, LIU Tao, ZHANG Conglin, HUANG Baorong, CHENG Yeqing, SHI Jinlian, ZHANG Jinsong, TANG Huajun, YANG Peng, WU Wenbin

ACTA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA - Sustainability in the Anthropocene: Telecoupling framework and its applications

DOI: 10.11821/dlxb202011010

Abstract: With increasing global integration, distant coupled human and natural systems have more interactions than ever before, which often lead to unexpected outcomes with profound implications for sustainability. The integrated framework of telecoupling (socioeconomic and environmental interactions over distances) has been proposed to address such cross-border and cross-scale challenges, helping better evaluate and understand telecouplings. We first provide an introduction to the telecoupling framework, including components, definitions, and functions, and then offer an overview of the growing number of telecoupling studies. Particularly, we use three Chinese cases to illustrate the methods, results, significance, and implications of applying the telecoupling framework. We also point out some research gaps and critical unsolved questions in the applications. The telecoupling framework provides a powerful tool to incorporate feedbacks, trade- offs, and synergies across multiple coupled human and natural systems, and helps improve the understanding of distant interactions and the effectiveness of policies for socioeconomic and environmental sustainability across local to global levels.

摘要:在全球一体化进程不断加深的背景下,国家与地区之间的联系日益紧密,产生了一系列 跨国家、跨地区、多尺度的社会—经济—环境影响,远程耦合(Telecoupling,社会、经济、环境的 远距离相互作用)科学概念和综合框架的提出为解决上述问题提供了新方法和新途径。为更 好促进远程耦合综合框架的正确使用和规范推广,本文系统解析了远程耦合综合框架,厘清各 组成部分的定义和功能,梳理了框架的应用现状;通过对 3 个中国典型案例的阐释,展示了远程 耦合综合框架的使用方法、结果分析及由此得出的科学意义和政策价值;最后描述了远程耦合 综合框架使用中需要重点关注的问题,并对其应用前景进行了展望。远程耦合综合框架的推 广应用有助于以跨国家、跨地区、多尺度的视角,重新审视多个人类与自然耦合系统的相互作 用,揭示隐藏的远距离地理空间作用的科学价值,服务于有关政策的制定和实施,促进全球社 会、经济、环境的可持续发展。






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