Analysis of the Value Chains for Root and Tuber Crops in Malawi: The Case of Cassava


June 28, 2018 - Author: Joseph S. Kanyamuka, Joseph K. Dzanja and Flora J. Nankhuni

Joseph S. Kanyamuka, Joseph K. Dzanja and Flora J. Nankhuni, 2018. Analysis of the Value Chains for Root and Tuber Crops in Malawi: The Case of Cassava, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Research Brief 65. East Lansing: Michigan State University


  • Cassava productivity has increased over the past decade partly due to introduction of improved high yielding and pest and disease resistant varieties but yields still fall short of the potential.
  • Some of the factors constraining productivity growth include: over-recycling of seed among farmers and poor agronomic practices due to limited extension services.
  • Demand for cassava and associated products is increasing due to increasing urbanization where cassava offers one of the sources of cheap carbohydrates. The crop’s drought tolerant nature also offers one of the adaptation strategies to the impacts of climate change that Malawi is facing.
  • Cassava has a wide range of products that can be processed, including High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF), whose potential for wheat import substitution in the confectionary and brewery industries has not been fully exploited. Developing the cassava processing industry can contribute to reduction in Malawi’s high importation bill.
  • To improve Malawi’s cassava value chain, the following recommendations are made: significant investments in seed systems, greenhouses, irrigation, post-harvest, value addition and agro-processing technologies in response to identified market and industry needs; investments in research and extension on improved varieties, good agronomic practices, and pest and diseases prevention and control; and investments to link farmers, farmer organizations and processors through contract farming arrangements.


Tags: c4a, c4b, cassava, food security group, fsg policy brief, fsp policy brief, innovation lab for food security policy, malawi, value chain analysis


Flora Janet Nankhuni

Flora Janet Nankhuni

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