Brewers Association Malting Barley Characteristics for Craft Brewers

April 4, 2016

Brewers Association Malting Barley Characteristics for Craft Brewers

The brewing industry is evolving rapidly, and the barley malt supply chain should likewise evolve rapidly to meet the very different needs of all-malt beer brewers. Brewers Association member craft brewers have identified malt supply mismatch as a potential impediment to growing their brands. To produce all-malt beer brands, craft brewers seek barley malts with:

  • distinctive flavors and aromas
  • lower free amino nitrogen (“FAN”)
  • lower Total Protein
  • lower Diastatic Power (“DP”)
  • lower Kolbach Index (ratio of Soluble Protein to Total Protein, or “S/T”)

Such malts differ significantly from the current suite of available barley malts produced in North America. The demand for such malts will grow significantly as craft production increases.

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