June 5, 2015

Mollugo verticillata L. Molluginaceae (Carpetweed family)

Life cycle

Prostrate, mat-forming summer annual.

carpetweed plant
Carpetweed plant.


Whorled, smooth, light green leaves (up to eight per node) are spatula-shaped to oblong with a rounded tip and tapered to the base.


Smooth, prostrate stems with prolific branches form light green, circular mats.

Flowers and fruit

Small, white to greenish white flowers on slender stalks occur in clusters of up to five in the leaf axils. Fruit are small, three-parted, egg-shaped capsules that contain orange-red to orange-brown, glossy, kidney-shaped seeds.

carpetwood flowers and fruit carpetweed flower
Carpetwood flowers and fruit (right). Carpetweed flower (left).



carpetweed seedling
Carpetweed seedling.

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