Bulletin E3455
Drain Sedimentation Tool


February 28, 2022 - <ghane@msu.edu>,

The Drain Sedimentation Tool identifies soil at risk of drain clogging (Figure 1). There are two materials that prevent sediment from entering the pipe: knitted-sock envelope and sand-slot pipe. Sand-slot pipes have a narrow-slot width that keep sediment out of the pipes.

To use the tool, enter a few simple soil and drainage inputs. Then, the tool performs three assessments to give you a recommendation. The tool’s assessments consider 4-inch lateral drain pipes, but the recommendation is valid for mains with larger sizes. The tool helps avoid unnecessary costs of dealing with sediment-clogged pipes. The tool also helps avoid the extra cost of installing sock-wrapped pipes in situations where a sock is not needed. The tool’s recommendation should be used along with local experience.

To read more about this, go to the MSU Extension Drainage Website.



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