Foodways: A 4-H Folkpatterns Project (4H1329)

March 31, 2015

Foodways: A 4-H Folkpatterns Project

The term "foodways" is used to describe all of the traditional activities, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors associated with the food in your daily life. Foodways include customs of food production, preservation, preparation, presentation, gathering, marketing (both buying and selling), uses of food products other than for eating, and food folklore. This publication explores the history and folklore of food. Some of the activities included can be done by one person; others can be done in a group. The packet introduces foodways, identifies foodways that could be explored as a 4-H Folkpatterns project and includes a variety of activities. (72 pages, 1985)

Since the launch in the 1980s of Folkpatterns its resource materials have been used with many individuals and organizations across the United States and the content retains its currency except for references to some now out-dated terms and technologies.

  • Foodways: A 4-H Folkpatterns Project (4H1329)

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