Four-lined plant bug

July 2, 2015

Sucking pests

Four-lined plant bug nymphs and adults move very rapidly when disturbed. Young nymphs are red-orange with black markings on the thorax.

Four-lined plant bug adults
Four-lined plant bug adults are slender, 6 mm long, green or yellow and oval-shaped with four distinct black stripes on the wings.

Four-lined plant bug feeds on a wide variety of herbaceous perennials. It overwinters in the egg stage.


Remove weeds and plant debris from adjacent areas. Contact insecticides may be applied when nymphs and adults are present.

Four-lined plant bug damage
Four-lined plant bug feeding results in pale, round, depressed spots 1 to 3 mm long on leaves. These spots turn brown and may coalesce, forming large brown blotches.

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