Reduced Oxygen Packaged HACCP Plan - Pickled Bolonga


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This HACCP plan describes processing and re-packing process used for Pickled Bologna.  The establishment has a Specialized Meat Processing at Retail Food Establishment Variance that contains Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are followed.

The product is still classified as Time / Temperature Control for Safety - Food



Bologna, Vinegar, Water, (insert other ingredients)


Equipment used

  • Cooler


Food employee and supervisory training plan addressing food safety issues of concern: Employees are trained in proper good manufacturing practices of raw and cooked foods. This includes preventing cross-contamination throughout processing and packaging by doing cooked foods before raw food, properly cooling cooked foods, and storage after packaging. Employees will be observed to make sure they follow practices.


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Jeannine Schweihofer

Jeannine Schweihofer

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