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Hybrid Elms


March 11, 2016 - <>

Ulmus spp. shape

Ulmus spp.

  • Height: 35’ - 70’ depending on cultivar
  • Site characteristics: Rich, well-drained soils
  • Zone: 4 or 5 depending on cultivar
  • Wet/dry: Tolerates intermittent flooding and drought once established
  • Native range: Asian and European hybrids
  • Salt: Moderate tolerance
  • pH: 5.0 - 8.2
  • Shape: Upright, vase
  • Cultivars: A variety of Dutch elm disease-resistant cultivars are now available in the nursery market. These include selections of hybrids of Asian or European elms that are resistant to Dutch elm disease. ‘AccoladeTM’ (Ulmus japonica x Ulmus wilsoniana) – displays a handsome, vase-shaped canopy, deep green glossy leaves, and has shown resistance to Dutch elm disease, elm leaf beetle and leafminer. Zone 4. ‘Frontier’ (Ulmus carpinifolia x Ulmus parvifolia) – up to 70’ moderate resistance to elm leaf beetle and high tolerance to elm yellows. Forms a pyramidal rather than vase-shaped crown as it matures. Zone 5. ‘Triumph’ (Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’) – up to 70’, lustrous, dark green foliage in summer. Yellow fall color maintains excellent disease and pest resistance as well as good drought tolerance, making it a great choice for tough, urban planting sites. Zone 4.
  • Additional: Transplant in spring
  • Pests: Japanese beetles

Triumph hybrid elm Accolade hybrid elm leaves Accolade hybrid elm
Photos: Bert Cregg, MSU

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