Impacts of the Supermarket Revolution and the Policy and Strategic Responses

May 13, 2016 - Julio A. Berdegué and <>

Berdegué, J. A., & Reardon, T. (2016). Impacts of the supermarket revolution and the policy and strategic responsesThomas, EV, Jiggins, J., and Farnworth (eds). Creating food futures: Trade, ethics and the environment. New York: Routledge.


The impacts of the supermarket revolution are profound and worldwide. This chapter begins by analysing in particular the consequences for small farmers and agrifood entrepreneurs. The weight of evidence shows that asset-poor farmers are unlikely to supply supermarkets, and small entrepreneurs are largely excluded from the procurement system. Policy makers, civil society and the private sector have responded to the evidence of adverse impacts by identifying policies and programmes that address the challenges and maximise the opportunities. Our assessment of their potential to mitigate the impacts is somewhat pessimistic; however, decisive and early action can bring worthwhile gains and these are explored in the second part of this chapter.


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