Michigan Christmas Tree Pest Management Guide


March 7, 2023 - <lindbe35@msu.edu>, <taylo548@msu.edu>, <mccullo6@msu.edu> and Monique Sakalidis, Michigan State University

This comprehensive guide for Christmas tree growers includes a seasonal pest calendar, insect pests, registered insecticides and miticides, diseases, registered fungicides, how to protect pollinators and mite control and impact on predatory mites.

The information presented here does not supersede the label directions. To protect yourself, others and the environment, always read the label before applying any pesticide. Although efforts have been made to check the accuracy of information presented (January 2023), it is the responsibility of the person using is information to verify that it is correct by reading the corresponding pesticide label in its entirety before using the products.

The information presented here is intended as a guide for Michigan Christmas tree growers in selecting pesticides and is for educational purposes only. The efficacies of products listed may not have been evaluated in Michigan. Labels can and do change. For current labels and MSDS information, visit one of the following free online databases: greenbook.net, cdms.com and agrian.com.

Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by Michigan State University Extension or bias against those not mentioned. 



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