Michigan 4-H Judging Cards (4-H1293–96, 4H1720-21)

April 16, 2015

These 3-inch by 5-inch judging cards are used during 4-H livestock and horse judging events. The cards provide space to record the contestant's name, number and age; class of competition; score; and reasons score. The five Michigan 4-H Judging Cards that are available through the MSU Extension Bookstore are identical except for being printed on different colors of card or index stock (4H1293, blue; 4H1294, pink; 4H1295, white; 4H1296, yellow; and 4H1720, purple). Also available is a questions card, which can be purchased from the Bookstore on green card or index stock. You can use the pdf file provided here as a template for printing the cards on those or other paper colors as needed. (1 pg each, 2016)

Michigan 4-H Judging Cards (4-H1293–96, 4H1720-21)


Tags: 4-h animal evaluation, 4-h animal science, 4-h volunteer training, 4-h volunteer training workshops, animal science

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