Mosquito Control: Commercial Pesticide Applicators - Category 7F (E2180)

October 28, 2015 - Author: Mike Kaufman

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This manual is intended to prepare pesticide applicators in mosquito control (Category 7F) for certification under Act 451, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, Part 83, Pesticide Control (formerly Act 171, Michigan Pesticide Control Act of 1988). Pesticide applicators should also study the “Pesticide Applicator Core Training Manual, “ E-2195, which explains safety considerations, pesticide laws and integrated pest management principles, to prepare for certification.

After reading each chapter of this manual, answer the review questions. Write out the answers to receive the maximum benefit from your studying. Compare your responses with the correct answers listed in the back of the manual. After completing your study of this manual and the core manual, take the exam administered by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to become a certified commercial pesticide applicator for mosquito control.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-Introduction: The History of Mosquitos in Michigan

Chapter 2-Mosquito Characteristics and Life Cycle

Chapter 3-Mosquito-borne Disease

Chapter 4-Mosquito and Disease Surveillance

Chapter 5-Integrated Mosquito Management/Public Relations

Chapter 6-Equipment for Mosquito Control Pesticide Applications

Chapter 7-Program Evaluation

Chapter 8-Mosquito Control Insecticides and Their Safety

Chapter 9-Laws and Regulations for Mosquito Control

Glossary of Terms


Answers to Sample Questions

Emergency Pesticide Information


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