NATURE SUSTAINABILITY - Translating Earth system boundaries for cities and businesses


January 4, 2024 - Xuemei Bai, Syezlin Hasan, Lauren Seaby Andersen, Anders Bjørn, Şiir Kilkiş, Daniel Ospina, <>, et al

DOI: 10.1038/s41893-023-01255-w


Operating within safe and just Earth system boundaries requires mobilizing key actors across scale to set targets and take actions accordingly. Robust, transparent and fair cross-scale translation methods are essential to help navigate through the multiple steps of scientific and normative judgements in translation, with clear awareness of associated assumptions, bias and uncertainties. Here, through literature review and expert elicitation, we identify commonly used sharing approaches, illustrate ten principles of translation and present a protocol involving key building blocks and control steps in translation. We pay particular attention to businesses and cities, two understudied but critical actors to bring on board.



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