First page of the Charrettes Tools and Techniques booklet.

Online Engagement Tools and Techniques

January 1, 2020 - National Charrette Institute

Tools and Techniques for Scenario Planning and Regional Planning 

GIS Scenario Planning Platforms 

Scenario Planning Tools and Techniques 

Fiscal Impacts and Return on Investment 

Transit Network Sketching and Access to Jobs  

Climate Change Impacts 

Interactive Sketch Modeling 

Regional Land Use and Transportation Plans 

Transportation Forecasting or Other Modeling Software 

Recovery and Resiliency Tools 

Online Catalogues  

Engagement and Communication Tools & Techniques 

Visualization Tools 

Surges, Flooding, and Sea Level Rise 
Digital Storytelling 
Visual Preference Surveys 
Rule-Based 3D Visualization 
Transportation Options, Tradeoffs, and Access 

Equity, Access, and Long-Term Planning 


Live Interactive Polling 

Idea Generation, Prioritization, and Communication 

Collaborative Workspaces 

Project Management 

Audio and Visual Meetings 

Audio Meetings

Group Chat 

Virtual Professional Development 

  • Playmeo 
  • Stormz 
  • TriCat: TriCAT spaces is an avatar based interactive 3D learning and work environment. 

Live Streams 

Engagement Techniques 

Automated Outreach 


Tactical Urbanism and Pop-Up Design 

Crowdsourcing Data Tools and Techniques 


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