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Preschool Activity Pages: Hide the ________


March 23, 2021

Preschool Activity Pages

Hide the ________


  • Your imagination
  • Items of your choice to hide (Example; stuffed animals, shoe, doll, anything!)

Area of School Readiness

Cognition: According to the Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center cognition is your child’s ability to reason, use their memory, engage in problem solving and thinking skills that help children learn about and understand the world around them

Purpose of the Activity

Reasoning and Problem Solving: Your child will practice gathering information and making predictions as well as thinking and reasoning to find the missing item.


  1. Collect items to hide
  2. Take turns hiding an object
  3. Provide clues to where it is hidden (Under a blue blanket you will find the doll, in the laundry room there is a red ball, etc.)
  4. Once found, repeat with new item
  5. Have fun together!


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