Processed Meat Quick Guide: pH and Water Activity Protocol


February 14, 2021 <>

Gather supplies (pictured) 

  •  pH meter
  • Blender
  • Graduated cylinder and beaker
  • pH buffers (4, 7, and/or 10)
  • Filter paper (Whatman #1) Other Supplies needed (not pictured):
  • Deionized water
  • Gram scale
  • KimWipe™ (Delicate task wipe)

pH Protocol

Calibrate pH meter using a two-point calibration.

  • pH 7—neutral
  • pH 4—acidic 

Prepare sample by dicing and weighing out 10 gram of sample product. Blend 10 g of sample and 90 mL of deionized water, transfer to beaker, and place folded filter paper (cone shape) into meat slurry in beaker. Place the pH probe into sample inside the filter paper and gently stir the mixture until the pH reading is complete.
Record pH reading on record keeping document. Properly clean and store all equipment 

Gather Supplies:

  •  Meat sample
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Sample cups
  • aW meter
  • Calibration solutions

Calibrate/verify water activity meter with 0.250 and 0.760 standardized NaCl solutions. Calibrate/verify water activity meter with 0.250 and 0.760 standardized NaCl solutions. Place and start the water activity meter.  Record water activity reading on record document. Properly clean and store equipment when finished.



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