SAC Meeting Minutes January 2020

May 4, 2020

SAC Monthly Meeting Minutes 

January 8th, 2020 

3 p.m. – 5 p.m. 

338 Natural Resources 


Welcome new SAC members 

  • Emily Williams - Biosystems and Ag Engineering 
  • Jill Selke - School of Planning, Design, & Construction 
  • Randy Klevickas - Tree Research Center 
  • Heather Lenartson-KlugeEntomology 
  • Lisa Oliva – Food Science and Human Nutrition 

Welcome Todd Bradley - MSU Human Resources, Organization and Professional Development 

Welcome and introductions were done by everyone.   

Brief discussion on our transition charge by the Dean during our fall 2019 meeting to restructure the SAC committee to be a more holistic representation of the College. 


CANR all staff meeting  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee 

Staff Advisory Committee 

How can the SAC more effectively advocate for the needs of CANR support staff? 


  1. Review of what this meeting is about and what we want to accomplish.  Previously the purpose of the Spring Awards Ceremony was for staff and faculty to meet, get updates from the Dean, hand out awards and then lunch.  This year we are heading in a different direction.  We have invited the Dean, Quentin Tyler from the DEI committee which has 2 staff members on the committee to present updates on what has been happening and the direction moving forwardThe SAC members would also like to have a conversation with the staff to talk about the restructure, where we are and where we need to be.  Also convey message of how we can be more effective in the college and have questions to ask college leadership.  We want this to be a dialogue not just be talked to.    
  2. Give staff the opportunity to weigh in on future structure and function of the Staff Advisory Committee 
  3. Update staff on recent work by: 
  4. Dean’s office 
  5. Format 
  6. Solicit questions in advance via Qualtrics survey, giving staff the chance to ask questions and raise concerns in an anonymous environment.  Time was spent reviewing the recent draft of questions for the Qualtrics survey.  All suggested changes should be sent to Jan Fierro by Friday.  Jan will forward a final draft to the Dean for review with expectations of sending out the final survey Tuesday or Wednesday January 14 or 15. 

We want to have a meter measure of staff responses to move forward, results collected will be sent out to Dean and Todd prior to the All Staff Meeting. Todd’s goal will be to make this positive as presented at the meeting.  All agree this should go out in advance, be action oriented.  Open ended questions to give us feedback to go fromTargeted date to send out January 14 or 15th 

Save the date should also go out soon along with the surveyKathryn will work on putting this together. 

Todd asked if we want him to address the survey results (YES), how many will be surveyed 800, expect about 100 to attend could be more.  Todd suggested looking at trends, positive spin, could track conversation around trends.  How can SAC move forward with the trends negative or positive, negative can be looked at as an opportunity.    Will share results with Todd ahead of time and this can be used to help facilitate discussion.  Meaningful and engaging.  Group cluster ice breaker, then report out as it relates to the survey trends by SAC, Dean and DEI.  Some kind of focus group discussion people usually sit with people they know, use post-it notes to put on a board. 

Todd could talk about the restructuring of the committee, rep from each unit clap clap clap.  Restructure talk about the larger goals, disconnect because we are more spread out, build a sense of community.  Important on the front end that Dean makes a statement as well.  Primary reason for the restructure is to have larger representation, point out units that don’t have a rep yet, ask for volunteers.  We have staff that don’t necessarily fit into the unit structure, possible ideas to identify this groupDean, DEI, and SAC present.  Need a subcommittee to put together an outline structure for the meeting.  First hour, Meet/greet, icebreaker (15 min) restructure update, Dean update, DEI., Sharon, Sarah, Jan & Emily agenda structure.   

Survey out next week.  Kathryn and Jan work on invite out by Tuesday next week.   Review questions, by end of week 1/10.    

Todd asked how is morale in the unitsTodd wants to be included in our February meeting as well.  Invite sent out 

Reach out to ANR communications to see if they can be present during the presentation time?  Renee will check into this, if not possible can it be recorded for later viewing.  IF you need supplies please let us know. 


  1. Date: March 5th, 2020 
  2. $2500 budget approved by Dean Hendrick 
  3. Space reservation $500   
  4. Snacks/drinks $2000 for food/drinks 
  5. Time 2:00-4:00 
  6. Location - Breslin Center – concourse ** how do we want tables set up? 

Review minutes from December meeting APROVED 

Qualtrics survey – should be reviewed by the Dean prior to sending out 


Basketball tickets update

– 66 people 516 tickets have been ordered 131 Neb, 283 MI, 100 Purdue Kathryn  do we want to send you another email yes 

CAC Update - tabled 

Rebecca attended the last meeting but was not at this meeting. 

Action Items 

* subcommittee for agenda all staff meeting Sharon, Jan, Emily and Sarah 

*Survey feedback – Kathryn and Jan feedback to them by Thursday 

*ANR Communications – Renee guidance for all staff meeting 

*Launch survey – Wednesday next week Jan 

Other business  

Opened floor to new members to ask questions or comments – many members not aware of SAC, see emails but if not on fire item generally gets deleted.  

Lisa asked general question “What do you do for your annual review process” are faculty engaged in staff reviews/feedback?  Most indicated faculty are not involved unless direct supervisor to the staff.  Input should be equitable, not targeted.  360 reviews in previous unit. 

 Colin needs to resign from the committee.  End date intent immediate due to health reasons **We thank Colin for his time served on the committee and wish him all the best** 

Next CAC meeting 3:30 – 5:00 75 Ag Hall January 10 – Jan will attend as SAC rep 

Who will be doing the SAC update at the all staff meeting? TBD 

Officer meeting how will we move forward – Sarah will call meeting for next week 



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