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SNAP-Ed LiveWell Newaygo County Impact Report 2017-2018


December 21, 2018 - Author:

The Big Picture

In 2018, the MSU Extension SNAP-Ed community nutrition instructors provided direct education to 451 youth (the coalition reached over 3,000 youth) and worked with 5 schools to complete district assessments and plans.

LiveWell Newyago Coalition Mission, Vision and Overview


To improve the health of the residents and environment of Newaygo County


For Newaygo County to be the healthiest county in Michigan.

“LiveWell Newaygo is a collaborative action group working to improve the health of Newaygo County citizens. By focusing on chronic health conditions and underserved populations, their diverse partnership aims to deliver long-term solutions and to have the healthiest county in Michigan.”

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3-Year Strategic Plan Goal

Creating a culture of health and to make Newaygo County the healthiest county in the state.

Three focus areas:

  1. Amplifying and enhancing countywide health efforts to improve outcomes.
  2. Strengthening coalition capacity.
  3. Focusing efforts and evaluating impact.

Coalition Members

The Michigan State University (MSU) Extension SNAP-Ed program partners with the Commission on Aging, Newaygo County; the District Health Department #10; the Family Health Care; the Fremont Area Community Foundation; the Fremont Public Schools; the Headway: Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition; the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services of Newaygo and Lake Counties; the Newaygo County Great Start Collaborative; the Newaygo County Mental Health; the Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency; the Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial; the Tamarac; the TrueNorth Community Services; and WE CAN! Newaygo County to carry out the mission and vision of the coalition.

The Impact

As reported by the LiveWell Newaygo County, in 2018 the following accomplishments were achieved by the coalition:

  • Expanded the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Program to all elementary and fifth grade schools.
  • Local movie theater played a CATCH video prior to all movies.
  • The health department awarded $5,000 to expand the CATCH program.  The expansion resulted in the following:
    • School district assessments and PSE change plans
    • Grant funds were used to purchase water bottle filling stations, physical activity equipment, movement bands for classroom chairs, commercial smoothie maker, and MyPlate lunchroom signage
  • Coalition agencies participated in 5 community health events
  • Assisted in completing a public health systems assessment
  • Assisted in prioritizing a hospital’s CHNA implementation plan.

The MSU Extension SNAP-Ed CNI coached five schools through the assessment and action planning process that led to the following changes:

  • Each school formed a CATCH committee that met every six weeks to discuss engaging students and staff in healthy lifestyles.
  • Every school posted food and beverage infographics that encouraged healthy choices.
  • The schools posted the lunch menu for the following day to inform students of their choices.
  • “Go Food” taste testings were offered throughout the year.
  • One school added a salad bar to their cafeteria.
  • Two schools incorporated “Go Noodle Plus” to encourage movement.
  • One school included a healthy tip of the day during morning announcements.



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