WINNER: One Fish, Two Fish, Where Fish for Whitefish?

September 28, 2013 <>

Journal or Book Title: Fisheries

Keywords: lake whitefish; decision support; sustainability

Volume/Issue: 38(8)

Page Number(s): 356

Year Published: 2013

DESIGNING A CLIMATE CHANGE DECISION-SUPPORT TOOL FOR GREAT LAKES LAKE WHITEFISH Imagine you are playing a game of Monopoly and are investing wisely for the future. You have numerous hotels on “Boardwalk” and are raking in the dough any time another player lands on your valuable property. Then, the rules of the game unexpectedly change. “Baltic Place” is the hot commodity and all of your painstaking investments in “Boardwalk” are for naught. Now, imagine this is not a game and your actual livelihood and family depend on your success. Currently, the Great Lakes Lake Whitefish fishery is the most economically valuable commercial fishery in the upper Great Lakes. But, like the modified Monopoly, this fishery could face new “rules of the game” from climate change. My dissertation research is developing a decision-support tool to ensure that the fish, the fishery, and the livelihoods dependent upon them remain sustainable in the face of climate change.

DOI: 10.1080/03632415.2013.816680


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