Wood Product


Some potential points to spur discussion:

  • ISPs on wood product establishments may seem counterintuitive, it likely represents increased opportunity costs from competing economic opportunities for this predominantly rural industry or the fact that internet access is not as robust in sparsely populated (forested) rural areas.
  • Wood product manufacturing is more prevalent in counties with more high school educated residents, and similarly, there are more fabricated metal product establishments in counties with higher shares of high school educated adults.
  • Manufacturing industries seem to benefit from agglomeration, that is, locating in areas with higher shares of employment in manufacturing.

For the detailed journal article from which this map derives, see Carpenter, Craig Wesley, Anders Van Sandt, Scott Loveridge, Rebekka Dudensing. 2021. “Profit Pools and Determinants of Potential County-Level Manufacturing Growth.” Under review.

This project was supported by the Agricultural and Food Research Initiative Competitive Program of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), award number 2017-67023-26242.


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