Economic Opportunity Maps

The Economic Opportunity Mapping (EOM) Tool provides interactive online maps that allow users to visualize potential county-level economic opportunities for businesses in different industries across the United States. In addition to county summary statistics, the EOM tool provides a visual representation of results of a model producing expected industrial predicted presence. The model output is compared to measured values to categorize each county as above, below, or near predicted values for a specific industry. Measures of both expected and actual performance are subject to error and thus imperfect.

The goal of these maps is to provide starting point to spur discussion and understanding of economic opportunities for different industries within a particular county of region, as well as discussions of the important local factors that may be supporting or hindering local industry. For suggestions on how economic development practitioners, Extension professionals, and communities can use the maps, see the Discussion Guide, the User’s Guide, and the FAQ.

For more information about data and methods used to develop these indices, visit the methodology page.

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Health Services


Retail and Banking

This project was supported by the Agricultural and Food Research Initiative Competitive Program of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), award number 2017-67023-26242.