Youth Co-Instructor Role Description for 4-H Exploration Days


October 27, 2022 -


To create a statewide pre-college event featuring a variety of diverse sessions that appeal to youth ages 12-19 years of age. Utilizing resources on and off campus from all fields of study to prepare our young people for a complex and changing world.

Time Required:

  • June event times
  • Meeting times with instructor prior to event to plan session contact (time varies)


  • Must be registered 4-H member who is attending 4-H Exploration Days
  • A willingness to become familiar with and work within the philosophy and guidelines of the MSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program.
  • The ability to teach or assist young people ages 12-19 years of age.
  • A sincere interest in working with youth, other volunteers and professional staff in an educational setting.
  • Good verbal and/or written communication skills, openness to work with all youth from all racial, ethnic, gender identities, etc.


  • Meet with the session instructor prior to the event to plan session content.
  • Arrive at session at least 30 minutes before it starts.
  • Be prepared for the session and assist and teach as planned.
  • Attend the entire session.
  • Check in with the session instructor during session time and as needed throughout the

  • Ride bus/van to and from the field trip site with the participants during 4-H Explorations
    Days, if applicable.


  •  Experience the satisfaction of contributing to the positive growth of youth
  • Grow personal leadership and communication skills
  • Gain respect and gratitude of members, volunteers, parents, and the community
  • Recognition for your contributions
  • Staying on campus during 4-H Exploration Days and enjoying the activities offered.

Boundaries and Parameters:

  • Helpers must remain in the session for the duration of the session.



Accessibility Questions:

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