The CANR Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) provides a direct communication link with the CANR Dean regarding issues, concerns, and opportunities of importance to staff within our college. Each academic and non-academic unit within CANR has an SAC representative. Our goal is to play a proactive and collaborative role in shaping the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, now and in the future.

“Staff” is defined as APSA, APA, CTU, 1585, SSTU, and off-campus staff members within the CANR community.


The SAC was formally organized in 2003, having previously been known as the CANR Non-Academic Personnel Advisory Committee. Under the guidance of Jim Artabasy, the newly formed committee began to meet regularly, elected officers, and set out to inform the CANR staff of its presence.


The CANR Staff Advisory Committee is a parallel group to the CANR College Advisory Council. The SAC meets monthly and with the Dean as needed. The Dean also conducts an open meeting with all CANR staff members twice a year. 

The SAC gathers information from CANR staff about matters that help CANR to be a more effective organization. Topics like communication, systems efficiencies, training within the college, team building, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are focuses of the committee. The SAC aims to use different methods to gather information, including surveys, small group discussions, and one-on-one conversations. All CANR staff members, on campus and throughout the state, can provide ideas and comments to the committee.

The majority of CANR staff members are covered by collective bargaining agreements. The CANR Staff Advisory Committee does not address contract issues or represent your interests in such matters. Your union does.