Guidelines and Department Zones* 



The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean of CANR on issues, concerns, and opportunities regarding support staff within the College.

The purpose of the CANR Staff Advisory Committee is to provide a direct communication link to the Dean regarding issues and opportunities of importance to CANR staff members. The CANR Staff Advisory Committee is a parallel group to the CANR College Advisory Council.

The majority of CANR staff members are covered by collective bargaining agreements as union members. The CANR Staff Advisory Committee does not address contract issues or represent your interests in such matters. The CANR Staff Advisory Committee will gather information from CANR staff about matters which will help CANR be a more effective organization. In large part, CANR, as an organization, is effective to the extent that strong, respective relationships are developed between staff, administrators, and faculty, and work systems function efficiently. It is the Staff Advisory Committee’s purpose to foster the conditions which lead to these ends. Topics like communication, systems efficiencies, training within the college, team building, and diversity and like subjects which will strengthen CANR are the focus of the committee. All CANR staff members, campus and throughout the state, can provide ideas and comments to the committee.

The committee will use a variety of methods to gather information to present to the Dean. Surveys, small group discussions, and one-to-one conversations are examples. No one individual’s remarks will be identified with the commentator. Only themes developed from many inputs will be discussed with the Dean. In this way, staff anonymity is preserved.


The SAC committee consists of two Support Staff Representatives per zone. The SAC strives to have balanced representation within the five zones and employee groups by selecting individuals for specific zone representation and members at large to reflect the perspective of the various employee groups; APSA, APA, CTU, 1585/999, off-campus, farm manager.


ZONE 1 (Morrill Hall of Agriculture, Natural Science, and Human Ecology) 

  • Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics
  • Entomology
  • School of Planning, Design, and Construction

ZONE 2 (Plant Soil Sciences and Center for Integrated Plant Systems) 

  • Horticulture
  • Plant Soil Microbial Science

ZONE 3 (Natural Resources, Packaging and Manly Miles) 

  • Community Sustainability
    • Water Research Institute
  • Fisheries and Wildlife
    • Sea Grant Program
    • Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability
  • Forestry
    • Global Observatory for Ecosystems Services Lab
  • School of Packaging

ZONE 4 (Farrall Hall, Anthony Hall, and Trout Building) 

  • Animal Science
  • Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition


  • All off-campus sites. 

Departments/units in the zones may change due to College moves.

All staff in the College are eligible to serve on the committee except, temporary, on-call and student employees.


The committee sets its own meeting schedule but meets no less than four (4) times a year. The CANR Director of Staff Human Resources is invited to attend all meetings unless asked not to by the committee.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis with the Dean and the ANR Human Resources Associate Manager. The Chairperson of the Staff Advisory Committee will facilitate the meeting agendas and arrangements.


Committee members are elected to a three-year term.

The committee term begins August 1 and ends July 31.

Committee members may not serve more than two consecutive terms (re-eligible after being off one (1) term). However, if at any time there are not two eligible committee members per zone willing to serve, then members who have served two consecutive terms are allowed to serve additional terms.

If a member leaves the committee before the end of her/his term, the Dean will receive committee recommendations and will appoint a replacement to serve for the balance of the vacated term.


The obligation of members is to attend all scheduled meetings for the committee that occur during the member’s term of appointment. Members who are unable to attend a meeting shall notify the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson prior to the meeting. Any member who has three (3) unexplained absences within the appointed term shall be automatically dropped from the Committee and the Committee will submit the names of the dropped members to the Dean. The Dean will appoint a replacement to serve for the balance of the term.


The majority (i.e. more than 50%) of the current members of the committee present represent a quorum (more than half).  


The CANR Personnel Office will coordinate the election process, count votes, etc.

Nominations from CANR staff will be solicited by e-mail during the month of April/May of each year.

Elections will be held during the month of June of each year.

All current staff of the College (except temporary, on-call and student employees) are eligible to vote.

A listing of the current committee membership will be provided to all support staff of the College each year and/or when it changes via the SAC’s Website.


There are four (4) officers, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Assistant Vice-Chairperson and Secretary, each serving up to a two-year office term. At the end of the Chairperson’s term, the Vice-Chairperson becomes the Chairperson, the Assistant Vice-Chairperson becomes the Vice-Chairperson, and the committee elects a new Assistant Vice-Chairperson and Secretary. 

The Secretary’s job is to ensure that minutes are taken at each meeting and distributed to all members of the committee for approval. The secretary will act as historian for the Committee and at the end of his/her term, will pass on all old minutes of the committee to the incoming secretary. History of the Committee and minutes will also be maintained on the Committee’s website.

Revised: May 2017