Scholarships & Awards

4-H Scholarships

The Saginaw County 4-H Council generously offers to provide financial support to Saginaw County 4-H members and volunteers attending 4-H educational workshops, camps, trips, and events (or opportunities that enhance their role in 4-H).  Funds to support these scholarships are generated through fundraising efforts. 


Saginaw 4-H Council

Youth and Volunteer Scholarship Application and Reimbursement Policy



  1. Saginaw 4-H members and volunteers can apply for a Saginaw 4-H Council scholarship for the cost of MSU Extension or National 4-H sponsored events only. Examples include: 4-H Day Camps, 4-H Overnight Camps, 4-H Exploration Days, Capitol Experience, etc. Scholarships are based on available funding. A 75% scholarship is not guaranteed, and the total scholarship award is up to the discretion of the Saginaw 4-H Council and based on available funding.

  2. Scholarships are based on a sliding scale for up to 75% for events costing $150.00 or more and up to 50% for events costing $149.00 or less. 
    • Example: An event that costs $200.00 would be eligible for a scholarship of $150.00.
    • Example: An event that costs $100.00 would be eligible for a scholarship of $50.00.
  1. Process:
    1. Select the 4-H event to attend.
    2. Register and pay event fees. Keep receipt of payment.
    3. Attend event.
    4. Submit scholarship application (see process below) to the Saginaw 4-H office. The application will include questions that can be included in the in-person/virtual presentation or will meet the requirement of the written report option.
    5. Give presentation or submit written report to the 4-H council (on application).
    6. Once the 4-H Council approves, receive reimbursement via check from the 4-H council.

Download - the Scholarship MEMBER APPLICATION
Download - the Scholarship VOLUNTEER APPLICATION
Download - the Scholarship Youth and Volunteer PROCESS

4.  Scholarship reimbursement applications must meet the following REQUIRED criteria to be considered and approved:

  • Saginaw 4-H membership is required.
  • Youth must be enrolled during the 4-H year of the event.
  • Make an in-person/virtual presentation or submit a written report to the Saginaw 4-H Council within 60 days or 2 scheduled council meetings of the event.  This report should include the event title and what they learned/enjoyed about attending this event.
  • Include a receipt of payment for the event with scholarship application.
  • The application must be completed by the 4-H member who is requesting the scholarship.
  • Applications must be FULLY completed for consideration.
  1. Scholarship reimbursement will be awarded AFTER attending the event, the required criteria is met and approval from Saginaw 4-H Council is granted.
  1. Scholarship applications are reviewed at the monthly 4-H Council meeting.
  1. Scholarship applications can be mailed to Saginaw 4-H MSU Extension at 723 Emerson St, Saginaw MI 48607. Attn: 4-H Council/Saginaw 4-H.  Requests can also be emailed to

4-H Council Meeting Dates
The Saginaw 4-H Council meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00pm.  Contact your club leader or the Saginaw 4-H office to confirm meeting days for presentations.

Other Scholarship Forms

4-H Capitol Experience - Saginaw County Farm Bureau Scholarship Application 4-H Capitol Experience


Saginaw 4-H Awards

Each year Saginaw County 4-H recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of 4-H members.  

The County Awards Program provides 4-H members a learning experience where they can develop career skills by using their 4-H experiences to compile a portfolio similar to a professional application while receiving recognition for their 4-H involvement.  The application process will help youth build their skills in communication, literacy, record keeping, and marketability.  The application will require youth to reflect on their past 4-H experiences and provide thoughtful responses.  4-H County Awards recognize youth for their engagement and learning in the 4-H program, focusing on the skills they have gained.  Once completed, a 4-H County Awards portfolio may be a useful tool that can be referenced when completing future job, college, or scholarship applications. 

The Saginaw 4-H Council is excited to recognize 4-H members in three different awards each year.  See below for details to be considered for each award.  4-H members may choose from the following award applications. 

2023: September 24, 2023 at 1:30pm at the Saginaw Field and Stream Club (1296 N. Gleaner Rd. Saginaw MI 48609)

Help us get an accurate count for the awards banquet. RSVP HERE.

How to Submit Your Award(s) Applications:

The deadline for receiving applications is August 25, 2023.

  • Project Awards - Return the completed Project Award APPLICATION to Jennifer Specht (Vice President, Saginaw 4-H Council) via mail or email.
  • All Other Awards - Submit essays any any other supporting materials to Jennifer Specht (Vice President, Saginaw 4-H Council) via mail or email.

Mailing Address:
Jennifer Specht
6649 Sohn Vassar, 48768


Saginaw 4-H Project Area Awards
Download and submit the 4-H Project Area Award Application.  Projects are listed on the form.

Submit the 4-H Project Area Award Application.  Projects are listed on the form.

  • You may submit more than one project award application. Complete 1 application for each project award you are applying for.
  • Must be a registered 4-H member in Saginaw County.
  • Must have the signature of a club leader indicating you are a member in good standing.
  • Must be typed or neatly printed in ink with correct spelling and grammar. This is VERY important!!!
  • Must have completed at least two years in the area for which you are applying.
  • 4-H participants may enter a maximum of three project areas. Use a different form for each project area.
  • Each participant will receive a participation certificate providing they have met all of the above qualifications.


Citizen in 4-H Youth Development of Leadership Award

3 winners will be selected in each age group.

  • Cloverbud ages 5-7
  • Junior ages 8-12
  • Intermediate ages 13-15
  • Senior ages 16-19

To be eligible for this award you must:

  • Have served in your club or county in a leadership role
  • Have completed 4-H projects in at least 2 project areas
  • Have completed a volunteer project for this calendar year
  • Submit a title page (name of award, 4-H member name, 4-H Club (if applicable), and age
  • Submit a 500 word or less essay about what you have learned from your leadership roles in 4-H. You should introduce yourself, where you go to school, your interest and why you became involved in 4-H.
  • Cloverbuds (ONLY)-may submit a photo with a short paragraph attached describing the picture or 500 word or less essay


The 4-H Gold Star Award

This award is for all around 4-H participation in the community, club and project areas for any 4-H member in 9th grade and above.

Two awards in this category.

To be eligible the following requirements should be over your whole 4-H career not just the calendar year.        

  • Completed at least 3 years of 4-H
  • Completed projects in at least three different project areas
  • Participated in one or more activities in at least 3 of the following areas:
    • projects / exhibits
    • participation in leadership experiences such as leadership labs, national leadership events, 4-H congress / conference
    • Competitive events (judging, educational presentation, public speaking, etc.)-Citizenship activities
    • attended camps at county, district or state level / 4-H exploration days
  • The member must have exhibited leadership skills by serving as a 4 -H officer or committee chair.
  • The member must have participated in one or more community service activities.
  • Submit Record Book - The member must submit a record book of their 4-H activities, accomplishments, awards, leadership rolls and experiences.


Prize for Young Heroes

Award for 4-H youth doing outstanding community service work.

3 winners will be selected in each age group.

  • Cloverbud ages 5-7
  • Junior ages 8-12
  • Intermediate ages 13-15
  • Senior ages 16-19

To be eligible for this award you must:

  • Have completed an inspiring service project or great act of kindness within last 2 years.
  • Worked as an individual or family to lead their service project work or act of kindness, motivated by the individual himself or herself. This was not done as a group 4-H project, school assignment or to complete a given assignment. If the member recruited help for said service project, that is allowed, but idea must have been that of the member.
  • Winners must have demonstrated qualities such as courage, compassion, generosity, perseverance and empathy. Shown initiative, and unselfishness in pursuit of their goals. Accomplished something with inspirational value- something that made a difference. Their act of kindness must have benefited and impacted the world beyond themselves.
  • Submit 500 or less essay about members service project
  • Letter of reference from non-family member that has witnessed or knowledge of members community service.