From hunting and fishing to winery and lighthouse tours, and with more freshwater coastline than any other state, MSU Extension’s focus on year-round tourism brings together educators and researchers with municipalities, communities and businesses.

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MSU Extension’s tourism team works statewide addressing community needs and interests in leveraging assets and resources for tourism development. A variety of programs exist to assist a community or region in becoming a destination or launch initiatives to strengthen existing tourism offerings. Programs are specifically designed to involve local leaders and stakeholders in a collaborative process for developing regional synergies and inclusiveness, exploring niche markets and/or capitalizing on the results of community assessments by first-time visitors. Ultimately, programs can form the basis for future development, spawn local leadership, and strengthen community vitality.

  • Increase awareness of assets and opportunities.
  • Increase knowledge of best practices, trends and changes.
  • Develop new leadership roles, opportunities and action items.
  • Foster new collaborations and plans among stakeholders to advance community driven tourism.


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