MSU’s Turfgrass Club goes big at GCSAA Conference

 Members of MSU’s Turf Grass Club traveled to San Diego Feb 2-4 to participate in the 2022 Turf Bowl Competition at the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) conference, where they placed 6th in a field of 44 teams. 

“The competition gives us a platform to really stretch ourselves, and take new leaps of faith if we choose,” says Spencer Cole, club president. “It’s important to get the opportunity to network with the thousands of people in our industry who will be at the conference. And two years ago when the competition was in Orlando, I actually landed an internship in Chicago for that summer.”

“Being in the booth at the conference center is a great way to expand your network and meet a lot of the alumni that graduated from the turf program,” says Seth Jenkins. “The Turf bowl is a way for students to challenge themselves and see what they know. It is also a huge thing to be able to represent Michigan State University for the whole turf world.  It just means a lot to me to be able to represent such a well know turf program.”

The Turfgrass Club learn to identify different turf types to gain an edge at the 2022 GCSAA Conference Turf Bowl Competition. From left: Cyrus Graham, Dave Parker (seated), Jackson Severns, Seth Jenkins, Advisor Dr. Thomas Green, and Tony Kiser.


MSU Turfgrass Club Checking out latest equipment 

MSU Turf Grass Club checking out the latest equipment at the GCSAA 2022 Conference in San Diego, CA.


MSU Turfgrass Club Booth With Members of Club
MSU Turf Grass Club in their booth at the 2022 GCSAA Conference in San Diego CA.