Explore the broad scope of veterinary medicine and animal health. In addition to learning valuable life skills, youth investigate topics such as medicine, animal health, zoonotic disease, animal management and nutrition.

Girl looking at some type of directions in a lab Think you want to be a vet one day?

Did you also know that Michigan State University has one of the best veterinary medicine programs in the world? MSU‘s veterinary medicine staff work closely with the Michigan 4-H Veterinary Science program at the state level to provide real-life scenarios and situations to bring science to life.  Youth who learn about veterinary science at an early age have an advantage of later becoming a student in the veterinary medicine programs at MSU. Veterinary science covers medicine, animal health, disease transmitted to humans, animal management and feeding processes.

Even if becoming a veterinary isn’t your goal, there are still so many great reasons that participating in a 4-H veterinary science project could be right for you.  In a 4-H veterinary science project, you can explore the broad scope of veterinary medicine and animal health. You’ll also learn how animal management and feeding affect animal health while also learning valuable life skills.


For more information on how to get involved as a youth or volunteer, contact your county MSU Extension office.