Farm Policy and Risk Management Series - Vegetable Session

December 12, 2023

Post-Session Evaluation & Survey

The Vegetable session of the Farm Policy & Risk Management Series focused on insurance options for Michigan vegetable growers.  The session features MSU Extension’s vegetable educator Ben Phillips, MSU Extension farm business management educator Jon LaPorte and senior crop insurance specialist Brandon Walters from GreenStone Farm Credit Services. Brandon is a senior crop insurance specialist for GreenStone FCS with over 15 years of industry experience. He resides in Ionia, MI with his wife and 4 children.

Discussions cover the basics of insurance, different policies for the vegetable industry and the advantages and disadvantages of different policies. Three distinct programs are reviewed: Whole-Farm Revenue Protection, Micro Farm Program and Average Production History (APH) insurance. Discussions also highlight different program benefits based on farm scale, from small-scale producers who direct market specialty crops to large-scale production farms in industry. 

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