Best Management Practices for Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a nutrient that is essential for plant growth. How it is managed in the cropping system influences the risk of losing the nutrient from the field.  Knowing the level of Phosphorus in the soil and applying fertilizer at agronomic rates at the right time for plant uptake will decrease the risk of loss.  Knowing the proper management for the type of fertilizer being used (manure or commercial) and the application methods that help to keep the nutrients in the field and available for crop uptake also will decrease the risk of losing the phosphorus to the environment. Following are resources on applying phosphorus at the right rate, time, source and place.

Phosphorus (P) is a nutrient that stimulates plant growth. When it rains, storm  water can carry phosphorus-containing materials into lakes and streams, which can result in excessive algal growth, decreased water quality and harm to aquatic life.

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