4-H Committees/Minutes

Lapeer County 4-H Council Members - 2017-2018 4-H Year (3rd Monday at 7:00 p.m.)

Tiffany Weiss - (2020) President

Marie Curell - (2018) Treasurer

Rae Haskins - (2020) Secretary

Karen Aboukarroum (2019)

Roslyn Owen (2019)

Julianne Bennett (2018)

Liz Schumitsch(2019)

Thresa Schumitsch (2018)


Abigael Fox

Raven Deihl - Vice President

Adult members elected at Annual Council meeting in October. Youth elected yearly at the Eastern Michigan Fair in August. Youth members serve a one-year term. Youth and adult members begin terms in November. If current youth members cannot serve out their term until November, newly elected youth members will take office in September rather than November. 

Committee Minutes:


Livestock (2nd Monday 7:30 p.m.)
*Presiden & Gen. Livestock Supt. - Liz Schapman *President - Marie Curell  
*Vice President - Andrea Mette *Vice President - Heather Hall  
*Treasurer - Virginia Ankley *Secretary - Michelle Peel  
*Secretary - Michelle Peel *Treasurer - Julie Slack  

Minutes: September 2018

             October 2018

*Superintendents - Tammy Hyatt, Traci Pewinski  

Minutes: October 2017

Beef Dogs  
*President - John Howell *President - Jodi Conley  
*Vice President - Jake Newton *Vice President -   
*Treasurer - Shelly Swain *Treasurer - Jennifer Dahn  
*Secretary - Tiffany Howell *Secretary - Jennifer Dahn   
*Superintendent - Liz Schapman *Superintendents - Jodi Conley  

Feeder Superintendent - Scott Wetherford; Cloverbuds - Julie Slack

4-H Beef Sponsorship Form

Minutes: September 2018

Minutes:  January 2018    
Goats Horses (3rd Wed. at 7 p.m.)  
*President - Emily Duckert *President -Will Wackler  
*Vice President - Liz Schumitsch *Vice President -   
*Secretary - Kris Johnston *Treasurer -   
*Treasurer - Thresa Schumitsch *Secretary - Cindy Kapushinski  
*Superintendents - Thresa Schumitsch, Elizabeth Rayl *Superintendents - Cindy Kapushinski  

Minutes: Goat 2017 November 2017

*Point Secretary -   

Minutes: November 2017

Poultry Auction Committee  
*President - Kelly Cusson *President - Joe Suma  
*Vice President - Noah Schumitsch *Vice President - Anita Harrand  
*Secretary - Andrea Mette *Secretary - Jean Kreiner  
*Treasurer - Mary Rayl  *Treasurer - Dennis Harrand  
*Superintendents - Mary Rayl; Market Superintendent - Andrea Mette    

November 2017

September 2018

Sheep Rabbits  
*President - Carlene Turrell *President - Tiffany Weiss   
*Vice President - Erika Stroman *Vice President - Dennis Keefer  
*Treasurer - Heather Kreiner *Sec/Treasurer - Michelle Desai  
*Secretary - Tyler Clyne *Superintendent - Tiffany Weiss  
*Superintendents - Lin Gravlin, Carlene Turrell Minutes:  
 September 2017    


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