Taking care of crops and animals is hard on farmers and agribusiness professionals. Caring for your own health and wellness in this high-stress profession is often overlooked but is just as critical as caring for your farm business.

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Farmers know how to take care of their animals and crops, taking careful steps to ensure that they are healthy and safe. Unfortunately, farmers don’t take the same care in monitoring and managing their own mental and physical stress and fatigue. Stress becomes especially palpable when commodity prices are low, and caring for your own health and wellness in this high-stress profession is as important as caring for your bottom line.Whether these stresses come from a financial issue or the stresses of everyday life, MSU Extension can help. If you’re concerned about yourself, a family member, a friend or a neighbor MSU Extension has resources and educators that can help you identify and manage stress.

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How to cultivate a productive mindset—practical tips and resources to help increase productivity and manage stress.

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  • Dealing with farm income loss

    Published on July 31, 2012

    Learn how to address the stress and prioritize the financial needs of your family in the face of economic strife.

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