Weekly Timesheet

Effective December 1, 2016 all MSU non-exempt employees (i.e. those eligible for payment of hours worked outside of their regular schedule) will be submitting a weekly timesheet. For MSU Extension this includes all Program Assistants, Program Associates and CT-Type positions. These employees complete the weekly timesheet and email it to their supervisor for additional processing.

Weekly Timesheet
Employee & Supervisor Timesheet Responsibilities
Timesheet Submission & Approval Schedule for Payroll
Michigan State University Information on Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) 
Timesheet Minutes To Tenths Conversion 

Monthly Timesheet (Program Instructors, Nutrition Program Instructors, 4-H Program Coordinators):

Monthly Timesheet Instructions
February Monthly Timesheet
March Monthly Timesheet
April Monthly Timesheet
May Monthly Timesheet

Temporary, On-Call and Student Employees (on and off-campus):

Temporary, On-Call and Student Employee Timesheet
2017 Temporary, On-Call and Student Payroll Schedule
Timesheet Minutes To Tenths Conversion